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Oval NFT is a Web 3.0 Blockchain startup, providing NFT solutions with embedded smart contracts using blockchain technology, to help brands strategize & implement the launch of their NFTs

NFT 101: Everything you need to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the NFT space


Why leverage the momentum of NFTs?


Believe It or Not! NFTs are here to stay!

NFTs are booming and their trading volume has increased by a whopping 38000% in the last year and by more than 700% in the last quarter. NFTs are being adopted by major platforms and brands like NBA Top Shot, Adidas, Nike, & PepsiCo

This is very similar to the early internet days in mid-1990s and early social media days in the late 2000s

Goldman Sachs has estimated that the metaverse is an $8 trillion market opportunity.

Global tech giants including Facebook and Apple have started developing and investing in the metaverse & NFT space.

The Vacuum:

Just like the early days of new technologies like the internet, social media, and even TV, brands are jumping on the bandwagon but a lack of expertise and knowledge around the nuances of this new world is creating haphazard projects that are of low quality and are poorly executed.

The first few ad commercials on TV were actually radio ads with just audio and no visuals to display on TV.

This is what’s happening in the NFT space right now.

The brands are getting the old digital agencies to execute their NFT projects.

Asking a digital agency to launch your NFTs is like asking a cab driver to fly your airplane

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Oval's USP

We believe launching an NFT collection has multi-faceted nuances that can be optimally delivered by a firm specializing in NFTs and blockchain technology.

Human behavior and NFTs

Remember, many years ago, we cared about our sheep on Farmville on Facebook

As our society becomes more digital by nature, we are caring about things that we didn’t care about 20 years ago

Do I have a blue checkmark on social media?

Only to SHOW the world who we are . This is about identity . This is about social currency.


We believe every brand will need an NFT strategy in 2025, just like every brand needs a social media strategy today.

Most of the NFT projects are built to earn a quick buck on the cost of not building long term brand value through NFTs


    We help our clients to strategize and implement their NFTs launch that sustainably creates value for end-users and creators.


    Brands, Sports Leagues, Creators, Influencers, Cricketers, Celebrities, and Artists


Project Basis

Thinking about exploring the NFT space, and how you could leverage it for your business? This engagement is for you.

An insightful session, or sessions, focused on educating your team on the NFT, crypto, and metaverse world; and brainstorming how it could come to life for your business

Base Investment


Project Basis or Ongoing Partnership

We build NFTs with the goal to create value for end-users and creators through:

  • Launch strategy
  • Blockchain selection
  • NFT development and creation
  • Ideation
  • KPIs to measure success

Base Investment + NFT Percentage

Oval NFT

Helps Brands, Influencers, & Creators
Guides you to navigate the unexplored waters of this new NFT world
Assists you to engage Gen Z consumers in a unique way
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